UHMWPE liner solves the problem of coal powder bunker blockage

2023-05-08 15:11:00

The pulverized coal silo is responsible for the supply of pulverized coal. It is generally welded with steel plates, but because the surface is not smooth enough, the coefficient of friction is relatively large, and the water absorption is high, it is very easy to cause sticking during the production process. Especially in rainy and snowy weather, because there is a lot of moisture in the pulverized coal during this period. The situation of blockage is more serious, and the kiln is often shut down due to lack of coal. It has had a great impact on production. 

At present, the common methods to solve the blockage of the warehouse include pasting ceramic tiles on the bunker wall, air cannons, and even hitting with a hammer, etc., which cannot solve the problem well. There is also the method of manually stabbing the warehouse, which is not only difficult and affects production, but also extremely dangerous.

UHMW-PE has many advantages, such as small friction coefficient; good self-lubricating property; non-stick property – the surface adsorption force is very weak, and the surface of the product is not easy to adhere to other materials; it is hydrophobic – water absorption rate Very low, generally less than 0.01%; low density, light weight, labor-saving and easy to install; Super wear resistance. The wear index of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is only 1/7 of that of carbon steel in the mortar wear test.

Based on the excellent performance of UHMWPE, the problem of coal bunker blockage can be largely solved. And long service life, reducing daily maintenance costs.

UHMWPE is widely used in conveyor, machinery, paper making, textile, construction, agriculture, chemical industry, ports, ships and other industries. We provide various processed products about UHMWPE, such as UHMWPE sheet, UHMWPE rod, UHMWPE impact bar, coal bunker liner, bearing housing, sealing rings, guide rails, cutting board, etc.


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