The advantages of conveyor pulley ceramic lagging?

2023-04-11 11:48:40

The working environment of the belt conveyor is usually relatively harsh, with a large amount of dust, water and other impurities, which will affect the friction between the lagging pulley and the conveyor belt. If the water content in the working environment is large, or the material to be transported has a large water content, and when transporting high-wear materials, it is necessary for the pulley lagging to provide greater friction and self-cleaning ability.

Pulley ceramic lagging is mainly designed for conveying systems under harsh working conditions. 

1.Ceramic(Al2O3 ≥ 95%) itself has strong wear resistance, the evenly distributed convex points on the surface of the ceramic block can greatly increase the friction coefficient between the pulley and the conveyor belt, effectively preventing the conveyor belt from slipping.

2.The grooves on the ceramic rubber sheetcan discharge impurities such as water and oil on the surface in time. Has good self-cleaning ability.

3.The ceramic lagging pulley can be installed onsite, reduce downtime. Superior wear resistance gives it a long service life with low maintenance cost.


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